ddEVELOPMENT acadmey (U6-u10) 

The Virginia Rush Development Academy (DA) program is specifically designed for rising U6 through U10 boys and girls looking for a more focused, player-centered soccer environment that encourages maximum player development. The DA program caters to those families and children who really enjoy soccer, and seeks to provide them with a positive experience and a great foundation for their future. Guided by a staff of experienced and professional coaches, DA players are introduced to the Rush Way to Play and Rush Core Values in a training and game environment that promotes creativity, confidence, and enjoyment. Structured training curriculum focuses on dribbling skills, passing and receiving, finishing, and tactical awareness by maximizing the overall weekly playing hours and creating a top learning environment in every training session and game. Through this model, DA players are exposed to the Rush Way to Play guided by four pillars:

  1. ADAPTABLE – Read The Game: Rush players must be flexible and able to adapt to the changing circumstances and demands of the opponent. Players learn through repetition, observation, and study of game scenarios. 
  2. BRAVE – Freedom With Responsibility: Players must autonomously read the game, decide the best action, and execute. Rush players are encouraged to play with freedom and without fear, yet understanding the importance of responsibility and the balance between the two.
  3. OFFENSIVE – Attack Oriented: Rush teams value possession with a purpose: the purpose of scoring. The objective is not to merely have the ball, but to attack the goal. We want to be dangerous. We want to keep scoring, always, no matter the current score. Whether in possession or defense, we are attacking.
  4. INTENSE – Only Your Top Effort Is Acceptable: Rush teams have a strong presence on the field, through loud and clear communication, and an explosive, high intensity physical display. No matter how well or bad a team or player might be playing on a certain day, top effort is demanded and expected from one another. 



What can I expect from the Development Academy (DA) program?

For each age group, training will cover specific topics every week that follow a challenging curriculum created by nationally-recognized coaches.  The focused training environment and professional coaching staff will work to prepare DA players for competitive level soccer.  For each age group, the DA staff has expectations and goals for their players in a variety of different areas of the game, including dribbling, passing and receiving, finishing, and tactical awareness among others.  The DA staff aims to introduce the tactical aspects of the game while continually developing and increasing each individual’s technical proficiencies.  Weekly homework assignments will reinforce DA lessons and will provide an opportunity for continual learning and development.

What does training look like for this group?

The U6 age group training session will focus on creating the foundation through a variety of fun whole group and small group soccer specific activities that increase comfort level on the ball. Players develop basic technical skills with an emphasis on developing proper movement patterns for the game of soccer.  The aim is to meet the two basic needs of children – FUN and development – using soccer as the vehicle.  

The U7-U8 age group training sessions follow a couple of training methodologies. Sessions will utilize a Play, Practice, Play model or a station rotation to improve their overall technical ability. 

DA players in the U9 and U10 groups will train twice a week within their age group with their own head coach. Training sessions include age-appropriate activities designed to enhance each player’s skills, while focusing on technical and physical development. 

All players will be required to wear shin guards along with the appropriate uniform for all training sessions. Players will also need their own ball (size 3 for U6-U8, size 4 for U9-U10) and proper hydration.


Where do we play and where do we practice?

The Development Academy (DA) program holds training sessions at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex, the home of Virginia Rush.  

For U6-U8, all games are played on Saturdays throughout the season at the Sportsplex. 

Training Times:

U6 Boys & Girls: Birth Years (2018-2017) 

Thursday’s 5:15pm-6:15pm

U8 Boys & Girls: Birth Years (2016-2015) 

Monday & Thursday 5:15pm-6:15pm

For U9-U10, all home games will be played at the Hampton Roads Soccer Complex (HRSC), with travel throughout the south Virginia region for away games. Games will be held on Saturdays or Sunday’s. Training Schedule will be available by the coaches. 


When is our season? When is registration?

The Development Academy (DA) has two seasons for the U6-U8 groups, Fall and Spring. For U9-U10, there is also a winter season. 

For the U6-U8 groups, fall season registration opens in May, and registration for the spring season begins in November.  There is also open registration for interested individuals throughout both seasons, but limited spaces are available – register early to ensure your place. Training and games take place September-November in the fall season, and March-May in the spring season.

For the U9-U10 groups, Virginia Rush begins the player placement process for DA teams each spring season beginning in April/May in order to have teams formed by June. If your family arrives after the player placement process period, or wishes to move into the DA program during the season, please contact us regarding supplemental tryouts or we can arrange an evaluation with members of the Virginia Rush staff. Training and games take place August-December for the fall season, January-February for the winter season, and March-May for the spring season.


Why should I register for Virginia Rush’s Development Academy (DA) program?

The Development Academy (DA) program has a goal to foster the development of skillful and creative players in an enjoyable environment. At Virginia Rush, we believe that the game is the teacher. It is in the complexity of the game where skills and creativity arise and develop, not in isolated, mechanized situations. The DA program provides game-like scenarios where players discover solutions and creativity arises, and our dedicated coaches facilitate that environment and guide, when needed, through that discovery. Our focus is on the player. 

The DA program is a 20-week (over the Fall and Spring) player development program which provides each player a unique level of skill and social development activities. The philosophy of the program places the greatest emphasis on individual player development. For this reason, the fees involved in the program are dedicated almost exclusively toward providing exceptional coaching and appropriate facilities.



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