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We offer great youth lacrosse programs for every age group and experience level!

At V3 Rush, we believe that younger players should focus on learning and developing their individual skills and get lots of "touches" on the ball.  If players are not at the point where they can reliably catch and pass the ball, they can't run an offense.

Developmental Lacrosse Focus on building skills and the basics of play in small sided situations.  Most of the training sessions will be spent in 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2 & 3v2 scenarios.  We emphasize maximum repetitions in confined space in order to build skills and develop essential situational awareness.  Scrimmages on Sunday afternoons will help reinforce what is taught during the training sessions.

Advanced Lacrosse More experienced players will particpate in high intensity training sessions at the Sportsplex and then play teams in the HR Select League as well as visiting teams from around the state and North Carolina.  Most games are on Sundays.

Instructional Lacrosse Designed to provide the youngest players with a high quality "first experience" playing.  This program provides players with instruction covering all of the invidividual skills of scooping, carrying, throwing, catching and shooting in a fun and age appropriate environment.

Spread the Word V3 Rush Lacrosse is based at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex.  We have some of the best and most experieced youth coaches in the region.  Enjoy the convenience of playing in Virginia Beach at our world class facilities that are unmatched by any other program.

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