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About Our Staff

The Rush takes great pride in the Coaches and Administrators that work for us, both part time and full time. In fact, they are the cornerstone and backbone of who and what we are.

Developing soccer players and programs are the primary objectives for our Staff, but what cannot be underestimated is the importance of these individuals shaping lives. Today, our Coaches must be technically proficient and tactically sound, have an understanding of how to teach players to take care of their bodies. Administrators must be up to date with the advancements in technology, communication avenues and customer service. Our Staff must be able to motivate and build self-esteem in our members, players and parents alike, helping educate them along the way.  All this simply means is that we need quality, well-rounded men and women to lead our members to success both on and off the field. We are now teachers, motivators, psychologist, mentors and more.

Our Staff continually strives to succeed and raise the bar to the next level.  It is a great opportunity to work in the Rush, the best soccer organization in America. We are proud to boast the hard working professionals the Virginia Rush has who embrace this opportunity and thrive with this responsibility.

rsz denise 2

Denise Edwards

Executive Director

bc         matt         rsz vyburt adidas 1

                       Brian Cvilikas                               Matt Mittelstaedt                             Vyburt Silcott

                  Director of Coaching -                    Director of Coaching -                   Director of Coaching-

                             Boys                                               Girls                                          Senior Girls

rsz palmer adidas 1          chris P          tyler b

                       John Palmer                               Chris Panayiotou                              Tyler Benham

                 Director of Coaching -                     Director of Coaching -                  Director of Coaching -

                          Jr. Boys                               Developmental Program                         Goalkeepers

rsz john adidas 1          rsz corri_adidas 1          stephen

                       John Allison                                   Corri Dillon                                     Stephen Holmes

Administrative Director Advance/SOE &      Recreation Administrator             Director of Tournaments

Girls Advance Director of Coaching

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