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RAVE Indoor Facility Rules

Below are the rules for use of the indoor facility at the RAVE.  Please make sure that your players and parents are aware of these rules prior to utilizing the indoor facility.
Rules and regulations:
  1. We play one sport a time.
  2. No spectators are allowed in indoor.
  3. Only athletes wearing indoor athletic shoes are allowed on the sport court surface.
  4. Sport court only for baseball, volleyball and futsal. Any other sport must get authorization prior to scheduling their games due to surface restrictions.
  5. Parents must drop off kids in front of the indoor facility and pick them up from the same spot. We highly recommend that parents do not enter indoor facility, since we do not have seating area
  6. Substitutions must be made off the sport court area.  Coaches or substitute players are not allowed on the sport court arena at all times.
  7. There is no warm-up area available on the sport court arena.
  8. Any camps must be athletic/sport camps only. Sport arena is used exclusively for sport activities.

Additional guidance for use of the facility:

1. Wipe shoes before entering the facility
2. No cleats or turf shoes allowed on Indoor field
3. No spitting or chewing gum
4. No food or drinks on the courts
5. Dispose of trash in the containers located outsider by the front entrance
6. No bouncing balls against the walls
7. Players must stay off court until previous game is completed
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