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Scholarship Policy and Forms


The Virginia Rush Soccer Club has a limited pool of funds available for financial aid to Competitive players.  Members requesting scholarship are required to submit a Scholarship Application to the Virginia Beach Office, Attention:  General Manager, Virginia Rush, 2181 Landstown Road, Virginia Beach VA 23456.

Scholarship applications must include  a copy of prior year tax return, and a statement of any extenuating circumstances. A submitted application does not imply approval.  Scholarship applications may be denied, club fees waived or a portion thereof.  Team costs are not scholarshiped. Fundraising opportunities are available to earn team fees.

Scholarship grant decisions are based on total scholarship funds available, the total player expense, family income, special circumstances, and available funds. All information submitted for scholarship is confidential.

All Scholarship Recipients in the Competitive Program are required to provide volunteer hours during tournaments and events during the year.  Those not fulfulling the required volunteer hours will not be granted scholarship in the next season or year.

Scholarship applications for the Fall season are due in the Virginia Beach Rush Office by July 15th.

Scholarship applications for the Spring season are due in the Virginia Beach Rush Office by February 15th.

Parents of Competitive players are encouraged to take advantage of the Competitive Player Fundraising opportunities available with Aramark.  An explanation of the program and contact information is linked below.

Download forms and information below.

Scholarship Application

Volunteer Hour Verification Form

Competitive Player Fundraising Opportunity


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